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Life gets busy...

posted Sep 30, 2014, 10:13 AM by Chris Hill
Looking back, I feel like I could have posted quite a bit here and haven't. So here's the catch up post!

Last summer was great - but more of the norm. The winter seemed exceptionally cold - the new neighbors from Texas realized they didn't know what cold felt like until we had a good ice storm. This past May I did the Tough Mudder challenge, and had a blast. Beat up and dirty, I couldn't wait to do it again. Jenn and Heather came to cheer me on and it was all the encouragement I needed.

This summer we had some good rides, including 1100 miles over four days to visit friends in Syracuse, a trip to Niagara Falls, then down to the Bronx for a couple days of visiting family and checking out the city.

School has started, Jenn's in fourth grade now. Hoping to get back on a little easier schedule so we can spend a little more time doing the fall activities before we miss the chance.

Maybe you'll see another post soon, maybe not. If not, then we're having too much fun to get back on here...