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posted May 10, 2013, 10:15 AM by Chris Hill
This spring has been so much fun (once it finally arrived)! We got the new bike out, which Jenn absolutely loves. I can't wait until we actually spend a day or two on it, instead of just trips to school or work. Speaking of Jenn, I am still amazed at how activities all seem to pile up together at the end of the school year. Between softball, dance, cheerleading, and everything else, I wonder how we'll ever get through it. Somehow we manage (mostly due to Heather's coordination of tasks) and it all comes out okay. The sad part is that they all end around the same time too, which means a whole different routine starts up - summer camp!

We had a stint of warm nice weather which is finally over - rain is forcasted for the weekend. In some ways, I'm happy about that - it means some family time with Heather and Jenn, along with getting some housework done that's been looming.

Overall, life is good!